Cemeteries of

Antrim Township,

Franklin County, Pennsylvania


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42 known burial sites, 33 still exist

1. Antrim Mennonite Church Cemetery,

aka Antrim Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery

2. Brown's Mill Dunkard Cemetery

3. Brown's Mill Presbyterian Church Cemetery

aka (Old) Brown's Mill School Cemetery

4. (Enoch) Brown Schoolhouse Burial Site

5. Byers-Hoke Family Graveyard

6. Cedar Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery

7. Cedar Hill Cemetery

8. Confederate Soldier Grave (former site)

9. Davison Family Graveyard

10. Dixon-Patterson Family Graveyard

11. Ebenezer United Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery

aka Guitner's Schoolhouse Graveyard

12. Eberly Family Graveyard

aka Shinham Farm Graveyard

13. Gossard Family Graveyard

14. Imes Family Graveyard

15. Johnston Family Graveyard

16. Keefer Family Graveyard

17. Kosey-Tennis Graveyard

18. Kuhn Graveyard

19. Lesher Graveyard (former site)

aka Mennonite Graveyard; Antrim Township

20. Macedonia United Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery

21. McBrayer-Reed Graveyard (former site)

22. Miller-Share-Shirk Family Graveyard

aka Martin's Mill Bridge Graveyard

23. (Old) Miller Graveyard

24. (Old) Mormon Graveyard (former site)

25. Mowrer-Mourer Graveyard

26. Palmer Field Graveyard

aka Balmer Graveyard; Veldhuzian Farm Graveyard

27. Paradise Dunkard Cemetery

aka Eshleman Dunkard Cemetery; Bushtown Cemetery; Stover Dunkard Cemetery

28. Pleasant Hill Graveyard

now part of Cedar Hill Cemetery

29. Pleasant Hill United Brethren in Christ Church Cemetery

30. (Corporal) Rihl Monument

31. Salem Ridge Mennonite Church Cemetery

32. Shank's Church of the Brethren Cemetery

33. Shank Farm Graveyard (former site)

34. Slave Graveyard (Marion Road) (former site)

35. Snively Family Graveyard (1)(former site)

36. Snively Family Graveyard (2) (former site)

37. State Line Union Cemetery

38. State Line United Methodist Cemetery

39. Stine Graveyard

aka Eschelman Farm Graveyard

40. (William) Stover Brethren in Christ Graveyard

41. Walter Family Graves (former site)

42. Wingert Family Graveyard

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