Cemeteries of Lancaster City,Lancaster County, Pennsylvania



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23 known burial sites, 11 still exist

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1. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Graveyard,

2. Cedar Lawn Cemetery,

3. Church of God Cemetery, (former site)

4. First Presbyterian Church Graveyard, (former site)

5. First Reformed Church Graveyard, (former site)

6. Greenwood Cemetery,

7. Heller-Landis-Mosser Graveyard, (former site)

8. Lancaster Cemetery,

9. Lancaster Friends Graveyard, (former site)

10. Lancaster Moravian Graveyard, (former site)

11. (John) Musser Family Graveyard, (former site)

12. Nissley Graveyard, (former site)

13. "Potter's Field", west of Chesapeake Street

14. Riverview Cemetery,

15. St. James Episcopal Church Graveyard

16. St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Graveyard, (old),

17. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, (former site)

18. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery, (new),

19. Shreiner's Cemetery

20. Trinity Lutheran Church Graveyard, (former site)

21. Wesleyan Methodist Graveyard, (former site)

22. Woodward Hill Cemetery,

23. Zion Lutheran Cemetery,


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